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graphic design | video editing | branding
Traditionally Modern | Since 1995
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Completely Remote | Since 2020
With decades of experience and collecting knowledge, we have cemented a reputation for
getting the job done and more importantly, for our unrivalled (often blunt) honesty.

We never sugar-coat anything or tell you what you want to hear.

-You can't sugar-coat a turd and call it a donut-

If you require a new direction, you can talk to us and we give it to you straight... like a grown-up
Based in United Kingdom

Why a professional
graphic designer?

The web is filled (saturated) with start-ups, influencers and established companies- fighting for a piece of the pie.

Hiring a professional graphic designer/branding specialist; is an investment, you are investing in priceless knowledge, extensive study and, in many ways a brand therapist.

Bear Design Studios­­™, take your image seriously, to ensure that you have that "something" that others do not.

Our services include:

-Creation of your visual identity.
-Designing your first ad campaign.
-Maintaining brand consistency.
-Video Editing (YouTube, TV, Advertising).
-Ensuring brand relevance across social media.
-Brand Refresh.
-We also offer web design as a premium service.

Regardless of your status, you still need to stand out.

be relevant
be present

We make it our mission to ensure that your brand is both meaningful and stimulating

The beginning of our journey will consist of a virtual meeting so that we can learn all about your company, the history and your goals for the future.

Starting with your visual identity, we focus on the synergy between your brand and the visuals.

Next, we like to work on establishing the communication between your brand and how the public perceive your brand.'s what we do

In the galleries (updating) below, you will find client work, concepts, abandoned concepts, logos and general work. Enjoy.


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